25 Best New Restaurants in Charlotte 2017, Charlotte Magazine

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Contributed to the biannual listing of Charlotte’s best new restaurants for Charlotte magazine. Here’s an excerpt from my description on Nellie’s Southern Kitchen located in Belmont, N.C.

Just as I shove an entire extra-large, crispy onion ring in my mouth, the band at Nellie’s Southern Kitchen starts playing and I hear a voice I recognize.

No, it’s not a Jonas Brothers reunion show, but given that the restaurant is owned by Kevin Jonas Sr., the father of the heartthrob musicians who grew up in this town, that isn’t a long shot. Instead, I look up, fingers still coated in grease, and see my server, Jake, gripping a microphone on stage, apron and all, as he sings the country hit “Buy Me A Boat” by Chris Janson.

Nellie’s Southern Kitchen, which opened last June, has a rooftop seating area with TVs for watching sports; modern accent pieces, including half a dozen white dove chandeliers; craft cocktails; and even some Jonas family paraphernalia in the back hallway. Although the décor is trendy, the food steers toward the timeless, giving diners Southern classics—chicken ’n’ dumplings, pulled pork, collard greens, shrimp and grits—without sacrificing the cool vibe.

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Around Towns: Saluda, Charlotte Magazine



A travel feature story for Charlotte magazine’s November 2016 issue. 

SALUDA IS NOT in the foothills of the Appalachians, and its locals are quick to correct me on that. If you’re driving north from South Carolina, the town sits atop the first peak in the Blue Ridge range and is home to the steepest railroad grade in the country—or would be, if the trains were still running.

In 2001, freight trains stopped passing through Saluda. Now, the town leans on its musical traditions to build itself up as a hub for live music and local art. You might say Saluda traded in the sounds of whistling trains for strumming chords, and the people here want you to listen.

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Photo by Logan Cyrus

20 Under 20, Delaware Today Magazine



This was my first feature story for Delaware Today magazine where I served as their Editorial Assistant during my senior year of college. I interviewed 20 young Delawareans after receiving nearly 200 applications.

These ambitious individuals prove that age is only a number. In areas as diverse as fashion and chess, philanthropy and sports, they’re looking to make a difference—and inspiring the rest of us.

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Photo by Luigi Ciuffetelli

Day of Silence at WC Speaks Volumes, The Elm


An article I wrote to commemorate the annual Day of Silence event for The Elm, Washington College’s student newspaper, during my senior year.

April 15 marked the annual Day of Silence event at Washington College and across the nation, recognizing LGBTQ+ individuals who have been bullied or harassed due to their sexual orientation. The day also doubled as a memoriam for LGBTQ+ individuals who have lost their lives.

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State of the (Writer’s) Union, The Elm


A piece I wrote for Washington College’s newspaper The Elm during my senior year of college about where the humanities stands in an increasing tech-focused world.

Every year the president of the U.S. gives a status update to Congress and the American people with a State of the Union address—but now we shift the focus to the humanities nationwide and in particular, writing at Washington College.

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